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Svartådalen - 'The Black River Valley'


Fire ban throughout Västmanland county / Black River Valley

A fire ban is in effect for all of Västmanland county since July 3rd. The fire ban means that it is forbidden to light fires outdoors. You are even not allowed to use a grill/barbeque placed on ground or in public area such as forest, public camping/bathing places. all types of open fire is forbidden!

Due to recent dry weather conditions, the risk of forest fires is currently extreme high. A fire ban has therefore been deemed necessary for all of Västmanland county and so in the Black River Valley.

Contact your municipal fire services ("kommunens räddningstjänst") for detailed information about fire risks and fire bans.

Use as visitor the national alarm number 112 in case of visible fire.


is a unique, historical Swedish landscape with marches, wetlands and lakes in open farmland. Here you'll experience wide-open spaces, great forests, wilderness and silence as well cultural events set in this beautiful Swedish countyside.

Explore the area...

  • By foot
  • With bicycle
  • By canoe
  • By horse
  • Go fishing
  • Watch the birds
  • Watch wildlife
  • Visit Sweden's biggest
  • Discover the history
  • Experience culture
  • Selfguided or with our well-established guides.


Svartådalen is located in the parishes of Västerfärnebo and Fläckebo, only 1½ hour away from Stockholm! In the recent years a good deal of work has been carries out to make Svartådalen a international visitor destination.

Openings hours information centre: Monday - Frida 10:00 - 14:00 hrs.

Telephone: +46 224 74 00 11.

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