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WhooperSwansSvartådalen (The Black River Valley) feature some of the richest natural environments in Europe.

Here, the small river Svartån still flows its free, meandering course and every year the stream floods over and extensive wetlands are created, which are fertilised by the nutrient-rich waters. The land is well-suited to grazing and haymaking and the area has for centuries played an important role for farmers. The hay was stored in meadow barns standing freely in the landscape.To the wetlands being harvested there is a rich plant-, insect-, bird-, and wildlife population. Svartådalen is known above all for its rich bird life – there are excellent nesting and resting sites for a number of species.

The river Svartån is not only a source of natural riches – the stream has also laid the foundations for regional prosperity and rich cultural values. Svartådalen is listed in RAMSAR and Natura2000. RAMSAR stands for the International Convention on Valuable Wetlands, and Natura2000 is the EU's network of protected natural areas.

Svartådalen is part of the northern taiga ecosystem and UNESCO’s Biosphere Program because of the unique natural and cultural environments of the area. The taiga is the world’s largest land biome.

Visit Svartådalen
is a joint sales and booking platform that is part of the Svartådalens Rural Development (opens in external window - Swedish language only).

The purpose of Svartådalens Rural Development is to create an organization that can work to behold a living and attractive countryside. Jobs, health care, business, schools, infrastructure, energy and tourism in combination with agriculture and the rural nature. Svartådalens Rural development is a business association that was formed 20 February 2002

The aim is to create a democratic platform to work on rural development in the parishes Västerfärnebo and Fläckebo.

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